My mantra: 
Be weird. Embrace what you have. And, love it. 


Hey you, thanks for stopping by. I am beyond fucking excited that you’re here visiting! 

So here’s my deal: I’m Sydney. I live in Chicago. And, at the staggering height of 4’10’’, I find I tower above most small children. 

As a beauty and style enthusiast, I am driven by a constant desire to express myself.

I like to think that my personal aesthetic is evident throughout this site, which I would describe as a mix between edgy and cute. If that seems like a paradox it’s probably because, I’ve found, most things in life are.

And Lastly, Some Boring Shit…

Everything that you see on this blog is by me, unless stated otherwise. If you're interested in sharing content, awesome, just give proper credit by posting one image and a link to my original content (please, don't copy and paste an entire article). Additionally, all items are purchased by me unless otherwise specified. Lastly, no links are affiliate links at this time.

Thanks for reading and being amazing!