With Christmas around the corner, it's only fair I do a pucker up gift guide.  So, if you have any lipstick junkies in your life, here's some good shit for them. 

01. // The mother of all mothers, this NARS Vault is for that true bitchin friend in your life, or yourself (a girl can dream!).($500)

02. // One bullet, and double the lipstick. BITE knows whats up. ($12)

03. // NARS Audacious lipstick is just fucking perfection. You can read about them here and here, you're welcome. ($32) 

04. // Any true lipstick lover, wants as many MAC lipstick as they can get their cute hands on. ($16)

05. // Smashbox gift set with lipgloss, lipstick and lip lacquer. Yes, please.($25)

06. // If you can't decide what to get, give me some lip is the way to go. ($25)

07. // I've wrote about this here, but incase you missed it. Urban Decay is the shit.($39)

Happy Shopping. 

Stay Weird,