TGIF everyone! Taking this post back to my portrait shooting days, whether you are shooting yourself or a friend I figured this would be helpful. These are a few items I have gathered from trial and error and are now essentials. I am here to save you.

Concealer and Face Powder // Putting the brands pictured aside, these are essentials to spot conceal anything. Liquid then powder, you know the rules. Overall its better to fix something in camera/shoot then fix it later, because honestly fixing shit in photoshop can be a bitch. 

Fashion Tape // This is a mega must if you are doing style shoots. Now I know that the clothes should fit you perfectly, but sometimes its those pesky bra straps.

Redness Relief Eye Drops // Late night or allergies are noticeable in close up shots, so nip it in ass and use this sucker.(only if you have waterproof mascara!) Double Tip : If you have a red spot anywhere drop some of these babies on it wait a minute and viola redness gone! 

Hair Smoothing Serum // Throw this in your hair before you blow dry it to tame fly aways and then when dry for the stubborn hairs. Stylish outfit and tamed hair equals perfection! 

Lint Roller // This one is for all of you black everything cat lovers. Because just when you thought you got it, there is always more!

Hope this helps! Do you have any essentials?

Stay Weird,