This isn't going to be my usual, but I am moving soon which means I can and have been day dreaming about new furniture and decor. I thought I would share it with you, since personal style goes much deeper than the clothes we wear and how we do our makeup. So here is some eye candy for you. P.S I have a thing for grey, black & white...

Something about a new place makes me always want new dishware. I know its a bad habit. // This rug is the freaking bomb, specially with black leather sofas. // Infinity mirrors just seem like the thing to have, opens up and room and plus they look super cute propped up against a wall. // I have a sad obsession with cool dining room tables to the point I can never commit to one. // I can totally picture this lamp on a side table, I mean its awesome. // Something about an arm chair makes want to curl up with a cup of tea. If there is one thing I get from this list, its you chair. 

Do you have any cool house ware you love?

Stay Weird,