Whether this candy land eye porn is new or new to me, its still earned a well deserved gander. I mean look at it, doesn't it make your eyes want to pop out of your head. (HA!) But, regardless with new makeup products comes new endless possibilities. 

I have always been a fan of the lip tars but something about this metallic purple blue shade makes me feel like I would be a badass babe from outer space every time I wore it. // These baby blenders are definitely on the want list more than the need, but it would be spot concealing from the heavens. // Boosts radiance, adds hydration, and gives a perfect canvas, Too Faced you would be perfect under any water based foundation. Now only if you could really fix my hangover. // Something about these lashes just make me want to wear them all day everyday and not tell a soul. // Between the color selection, the amazing formula, and each makeup artists journey this palette is a story told through color. (I'll be doing a review soon!!) // Lastly, train case equals awesome. Cheetah print train case equals the shit. That is all. 

Stay Weird,