I have been stalking instagram lately, and have really been inspired by all the simplistic black & white posts. It has made me fall head over boots(hehe get it?) for everything thats black, white or both. You can make such a bold statement with this color palette, both chic and alternative. 

Love all the possible outfit combos with those black & white shorts from Target(on clearance) could be dressed up or down. // This Tokyo tee just belongs in my closet. Worn with black, denim, shorts, pants or even sweats(yeah I went there. ha). Comfy Perfection. // Lime Crime Black velvetine just screams goth. Darken up any look with this black lippie. // If you are a pale girl like me you could use this Makeup Forever Shadow in Snow not only on your lids but as a all over face highlight. // My love for Edward Scissorhands goes deep so why wouldn't I want him on my wallet(bonus they have a purse too!) // Maybe its the warming effect, the results or the sleek packaging, but I can't get enough of this Boscia cleanser. // MAC 212 brush it is so versatile I picked it up last week and don't know how I ever lived with out it. // Use for the perfect liner without burning a hole in your wallet, or all over your lid for a dark base. // Lastly, some good old creepers to punk up any look. 

Stay Weird,