Hey guys & dolls!
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and all that shit. I enjoyed my time away and am ready for a fresh start. Twenty-fifteen is going to be great year not because I said so, but because I AM going to make it fucking happen. I procrastinate like crazy, over analyze till I go mad and drop the ball personally ALOT. So I am going to make my changes public for accountability. 
2015 is going to be the bomb dot com. Here are just a few things to expect(in no particular order) :

01.// Build a Community (alternative, weirdos, & makeup junkies) 
02.// Blog Redesign & Business Cards 
03.// Makeup Tutorials (while I make the cat eye my bitch)
04.// Social Networking (introverts worst nightmare!)
05.// Shadowing Beauty Industry Professionals (only one way to grow)
06.// Expanding my Content 

LETS DO THIS SHIT & Stay Weird! 

Whats your New Year Resolution?