Hey there! I thought I would introduce a new series, in post form for now (videos to come later). Monday Minute, is where I talk about anything I want to, from beauty products, to tips, to even teas that catch my fancy. The summary will be under a minute reading time, so short and sweet and to the f-ing point. Lets start this off with a goodie!

Coconut Oil, I know its been beaten to death (especially since the oil pulling craze started), but I am going to tell you why I think its the shit and how I use it. Just like it is good to consume nutrient rich fatty acids and decent amounts of antioxidants, your skin could use the love as well. I use it to take off my makeup, moisturize, treat inflammation (due to allergic reactions) and even as a cleanser. In doing so, I have noticed that my skin is less dry and clearer, plus who doesn't want to smell like a coconut macaroons (De-lish!). With the upcoming cold weather, do yourself the favor a pick up a jar(preferably organic, because there is no need for processed shit), you can thank me when winter's ended. 

Hope this helps! 

Stay Weird,