July Favorites // All about color



Due to technical difficulties and the fact that I couldn't stop laughing, I decided to make a post for my july favorites instead of a video.(It will happen!) So here we go! 

  • Ultrabland // Lush Cosmetics // This is one of those items I purchased on a whim, tried it once and it ended up in the back of all my skincare. But, I decided to give it another go after reading on the back to use for a month straight to really balance your skin. It has a lightly floral scent and is so creamy and gentle. My skin no longer has that super dry and tight feeling in the mornings, it has definitely become a staple in skincare routine.
  • 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30 // First Aid Beauty // To start off I am a huge fan of anything super moisturizing, that contains SPF, and doesn't smell like sunscreen. Because there is nothing better then walking around and people saying it smells like sunscreen, its my pale ass that was dipped in a tub of it in the morning. But back to the product, it claims to even out skin tone and I can vouch for that, I have been seeing such a difference in my skin that I have been able to use less and less foundation. Plus, it is SO moisturizing without feeling greasy. 
  • Kelly Osbourne Bloody Brilliant Quad // MAC Cosmetics // So, I love a purple smokey eye, not only because I think it sultry but it really brings out green, hazel and brown eyes. The shades included are perfect, there is a pale lilac, plum brown, blackened plum and a sparkling silver. You can build multiple looks all from one small compact. 
  • Mist & Fix // Makeup Forever // This stuff rocks! I feel like it sets so much better than the MAC Fix+. It hydrates, smells amazing, and I really do find that my makeup stays and looks fresh longer. It really keeps your makeup in place, regardless of humidity level, plus spritzing it on my face is so refreshing. I really do recommend picking this up in even the travel size. It has its own pocket in my bag. 
  • Insta-Dri in Vigorous Violet // Sally Hansen // Now let me start off by saying how much I really don't like painting my nails. It is one of those things, I can not find the patience for. I can't sit still at a nail salon nor can I in the comfort of my own place. However, the fact that this stuff drys in 60 seconds or less makes it the shit. I like the ways my nails look when done, so this is the perfect polish to throw on a coat and go, and give a shit if it chips. 
  • Rouge In Love Lip Color in Pink Bonbon //  Lancome // This pink is probably one of the most bright, in your face pinks I own. Its super moisturizing, long lasting and it has a purple hue to it, its that bright. Now, it is probably the most expensive lip products I own, its definitely worth the price, however I don't find myself buying many more only because you end up eating your lipstick anyway.(Think about it.) But so worth treating yourself to!
  • Gin Blossom Perfume // Love & Toast // I have owned this perfume for longer than I would like to admit to, when I bought it I wasn't not the biggest fan, but now it has to be my favorite summer scent. I love anything sweet smelling, not only is this sweet smelling but fresh too. It has notes of citrus, mandarin blossom, and verbena leaves. You just have to smell it to believe it. 
  • Period Panties // Harebrained // Let me start off by forewarning you that a sense of humor is much needed for these badass panties. They are done by a local Chicago artist. It's safe to say I love them, I own 6 pairs and about to order more.(Nothing wrong with backups!). I don't think there is anything wrong with poking fun at your period, it happens so grin and fucking bear it. Plus, they are super comfortable, and make your butt look real nice. So grab a pair and shake it! Bonus points if you can get your BF to shake it in them.(Larger size recommended for him.)

Do you have any monthly favorites?

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