A fellow Blogcademy Blogcadette, Tamara(Mad Bijou) is rad, eclectic, chic and a total cat lady(you know the type). She marches to the beat of her own drum all while sharing her guides to city living, and fashion because being a broke stylish bitch is more than relatable(city living ain't cheap). She runs her own etsy shop where she makes badass jewelry that j'adore. When I decided to revamp my questions I knew she was a girl I wanted to talk to. 

1. What’s your current obsession? !

Bath bombs from Lush.. and raspberries, my go to fruit!

 2. What are the current contents of your makeup bag & any holy grail products?

My Makeup bag has all the basics I wear on a daily basis; Foundation,Blush,Mascara, Blackbuster felt eyeliner and red lipstick. The one thing I could not go a day without would be my Turquatic perfume from M.A.C.

 3. What's your signature beauty look right now?

My signature look will always be the pinup style (bold red lip,big winged eyeliner and lots of highlighter) but recently, I am into changing up and playing with other colors. You would be amazed at how something as small as changing your lip color, can change up your whole look.

 4. Are there any makeup techniques you wish to master? 

Fake eyelashes! How does anyone where those comfortably, I always feel like i'm wearing caterpillars. 

 5. Do you have any beauty/fashion icons?

Oh hell yes! Kandee johnson is an amazing makeup artist, who embodies everything I believe in about letting your own personality shine.

 6. What is your definition of beauty? 

My definition of beauty has changed over the years, but it definitely starts from within (wow… cheese much?)

 7. Do you have any bonus tips you would like to pass-on or share? It can be related to anything, whether it's beauty, fashion, business, personal, well-being, etc.

Be nice, Be genuine, and never pass up an opportunity to compliment a stranger, you never know if someone is having a rough day and could use a nice word.  

Chocolate or Vanilla // Chocolate
offee or Tea // Coffee
Red Lip or Smokey Eye // Red Lip 
No liner or Wings for days!! // Wings

Huge thank you to Tamara for participating in this months interview, you can follow her on instagram @madbijou