I have been loving this gloomy weather lately. This week has been busy. I am starting to organize my closet and hopefully clear out some clutter, so that will most likely consume my Saturday and Sunday. Aside from boring crap, I have plans tonight with the lovely Tamara. Yay for beer and photo booths. And Saturday, for sushi or shabu shabu in Chinatown. Have a wonderful weekend! 

Just a refresher on taking awesome iphone pictures. If you want to take a course, Shauna from The Blogcademy (which I attended in Chicago) is a total boss at still lifes and her course is awesome

Umm who doesn't want an at home gel glitter manicure? Found this light as well, only $20 too! Sold!

Now I just recently got into twitter and I don't know how I lived without it! I wouldn't of met this fellow quirky and cute beauty blogger. Her reviews are spot on. 

Just ditch playing average get fabulous! 

Now speaking of beauty bloggers, this girl makes me want to play in my shadows all fucking day. Her looks are beyond rad! 

How to get a whole lot of shit done in a day... enough said. 

Michelle Phan is a total badass babe. 

I am a bigger tea drinker than coffee now a days but this recipe looks divine

For everyone that needs some color in their life! 

With Comic Con happening this weekend. The dark side to cosplay.

Stay Weird,