With this long week coming to an end, I plan on relaxing with my Netflix account. I have really been in the mood for some good ramen, Chinatown might be in the plans for this weekend for the 3rd weekend in a row. Hehe oops! Enjoy your weekend! 

Umm this looks freaking amazing, just think of all the possibilities in the palm on your hand photo wise. 

Tattoos at the age of 70, this doesn't make me worry about mine. 

Manicure tips from a pro

For anyone like me who feels like you're drawing with the lights off when it comes to eyeliner

I am so in love with this new MAC Cosmetics collection.  Ultimate smokey eye. 

This will be so useful when I go to New Mexico next month. Because I can't live without a skincare routine.

In case you need some daily food porn

Kandee Johnson on feeling like a failure

Schedules of creative geniuses, I got the sleep down. lol 

Closet organization tips for the new place of course. 

Stay Weird,

Image : Martin Sweers