This week its been either gloomy perfection or I have felt like melting. My plans aren't too intense for this holiday weekend. A lot of business card designing, blog polishing and much needed relaxation. Do you lovelies have any plans for the holiday? Have a wonderful holiday! 

For all my fellow introverts, we aren't shy just a little but more complex than others. 

Getting into Cirque Du Soleil is rough, definitely worth the 40 minutes of your time to watch.

A guide for anyone that dreams of working from not only home but a different country

Ways to glam up a black dress, diy style! Yes please!

Treat your customers/readers like you love them. Enough said. 

It must be a sign, booking a last minute break tips. 

Some office ideas eye porn. I can't wait to move! 

Figuring out your skin's undertone is so important. From picking the right lipstick color to coloring your hair. Reading must!

This girl can make me buy anything, I am sold on this palette

A fun new read I found and I cant help but share.

Stay Weird,