Friday Web Roll // LAZY DAYS



This week has been a crazy busy but satisfying. I got my hands on #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso, I am not the biggest reader but I can not put this book down. I have never had so much anticipation and excitement over wanting to turn a page. I plan having a very much needed relaxing weekend, aside from filming youtube videos(keep those pretty eyes peeled for my awkward self!) and seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the finds below!

My friend Tamara, from Blogcademy was sweet enough to do a style profile on me! Huge compliment from such a stylish babe. 

I love seeing the transformation of make up. Its all about accenting your best features!

Of course, I couldn't help watching an interview of Sophia Amoruso. She is an inspiration and badass.

I keep this list by Gala Darling on bloggers block in the most accessible place. Love it

Totally guilty of scheduling myself into insanity. Give yourself a catch up day regularly!

The excitement of giving my future coffee table some glam love is killing me!

These are just guaranteed inspiration.

Wayne Goss is an amazing makeup artist, his youtube is wonderful. So informational. 

Love this post on embracing the staycation. Ready. Set. Go!

This makes me want to buy some Dior lip products!

Stay Sassy, Stay Weird