I like to tell myself less is more, but a girl still has to smell good. Needless to say, I enjoy my tiny collection of perfumes. I like to smell warm and sweet, but be able to wear them all year long. So I thought I would share the D.L on my favorites. 

01. // Pink Sugar ($45) is best described as sugar in a bottle. I've been told that I smell everywhere from "edible" to "cotton candy" and I'll take it. It definitely has lingering notes of vanilla and caramel, but I do catch the initial notes of raspberry and strawberry. Overall it's playful and sweet, just the way I like it. 

02. // LaVanilla's Blackberry Vanilla ($58) is my favorite form of vanilla. Not only is the brand all natural, its long lasting, and potent. Blackberry Vanilla has a wonderful base of warm vanilla topped with ripe blackberry that packs a punch. I find after its mixed with my body's natural oils, it smells like a vanilla jolly rancher and I can't get enough. I even had to bust on a new bottle from storage because the old one was missing its label.

03. // Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black ($22) is new kind of scent for me. It still has notes of violet, and warm vanilla (of course!), but also has a potent note of sandalwood that adds to its mysterious charm. A roller ball will do with this baby, its potent, long lasting and will save your wallet quite a bit. I apply it to my wrists, neck and back of ears, to feel romantically seductive.

04. // TokyoMilk Dark Everything & Nothing ($36) has so many notes wrapped into one cute edgy bottle. It has an initial burst of sweet, which is quickly subdued by the petals and tea leaves. Everything & Nothing is the perfect balance of initial lightness followed by a lingering warmth making it suitable all year round. The only downfall is it will make you crave a cup of tea all day (any tea nuts out there?).

05. // TokyoMilk Dark La Vie La Mort ($36) is the perfect invigorating blend of sweet, spicy and everything nice. Its initial fragrance is sweet with jasmine and hibiscus, but quickly followed by a subtle spice made up of cardamon, and cinnamon notes. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't have the longevity I wished for, but being at a reasonable price point I will gladly spray more. Spray on girl...spray on. 

Do you have any favorite scents? I would love to hear! 

Stay Weird,