So today was quick shopping trip around the Lincoln Park area. I was in and out like a good girl, and only bought things I either knew I liked or have done my research. So here is a quick somewhat informative haul. 

BEAUTY BLENDER & BB MICRO MINI // Beauty blenders are the shit for a flawless face. They are great for those that suffer from dry patches throughout the day, since you use a bouncing motion for application there is no micro exfoliating the skin. The full size was a replacement, but I broke and opted for the micro mini for concealing and I'm so excited. 

MUFE HD MICROPERFECTING PRIMER in COLOR 1 // Since you should always pair an HD foundation with the corresponding HD primer so you get the best results. I tried a sample of the green for the last week, and immediately fell in love. My makeup was literally flawless for 7 to 8 HOURS. Plus, the green color really helps reduce my skins redness. It's really a win win! 

SUPERGOOP CITY SUNSCREEN SERUM in SPF 30 // I used to use this product religiously for years and I really can't tell you why I stopped. Honestly, I am kind of kicking myself in the ass for it, it gives the desired sun protection I am looking for without being heavy and smelling like shit. Bonus part is that it is super hydrating so it can be worn alone or with a moisturizer, whichever you prefer. 

ORGINS GINZING REFRESHING SCRUB CLEANSER // I was totally in the market for a cleansing exfoliant that was gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Then came this baby, it smells like citrus goodness and contains gentle exfoliating grains. I cannot wait to try this in the morning, a perfect wake up call. 

KIEHLS CREAMY EYE TREATMENT WITH AVOCADO // I don't know if its the change in seasons or what but my eye area has been SO DRY. I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in some heavy duty eye cream. I've heard nothing but great things about avocado oil for your skin. And just from applying it to the back of my hand, I know its going to be SO moisturizing. 

LUSH COSMETICS BIG SHAMPOO // Since I have actually been trying to style my hair, I have been having product build up like no other. I wanted something that could rid the build up without stripping natural oils and give me some volume. Then I found this, containing sea salt, lime juice and coconut oil it should definitely get the job done. 

LUSH COSMETICS D'FLUFF SHAVING SOAP // Being a sufferer of extreme razor burn, I wanted something that was moisturizing and soothing. D'Fluff is packed with strawberries giving it a divine smell and coco butter to aid with hydration and redness. I can't wait to use this in my shower. 

Do you have any recent beauty purchases?

Stay Weird,