To follow my post on products for contour, its only fair I touch on my favorite highlighters. I plan doing some more in-depth since I only touch on the cherry thats on top right now. So other than the prior mentioned products of MAC Lightscapade and MAC Emphasize(video), I thought I would touch on my other two favorites. 

ILLAMASQUA POWDER BLUSHER in INTRIGUE // Now other than this one being a recent favorite. It's a pale girls dream. It's white and matte making it perfect for an under eye highlight making you look wide awake. You can also touch on the bridge of your nose and cupids bow for added light. The only downfall is you have to be extremely light handed, not only because it's pretty opaque but it has a tenancy to grab. But other than that it's totally worth the shipping cost from the UK. 

MAC COSMETICS VANILLA PIGMENT // This pigment is a creamy shade with a gold shimmer. It is never ending highlighting dream. Pigments last forever and can be applied wet or dry depending on the effect you are looking for. This color just adds a beautiful warmth to the skin, and brightens up any area. Only downfall is when you open it, shit gets everywhere but it's worth it. I mean who doesn't like finding stuff for days. Also, you can buy a smaller version for $10 at a MAC counter, and it will still last you forever. 

Hope this helps! Do you have any favorites?

Stay Weird,