Like I have said in previous posts, the struggle for fair skin beauties is real and we have to stick together. And if you are a beauty addict like myself you drool of those girls who can contour with any matte bronze color and then look like they ascended from the gods. But that shit doesn't fly on every skin tone. I found most were too warm and leaned more on the orange side. So after much trail and error, here are my three go to contouring products. 

MAKEUP FOREVER SHADOW M-548 // A cool toned matte taupe shadow makes for the perfect contour. It gives dimension without having to risk that oh so feared orange look. This shadow glides on like butter and blends like a dream. Its truly a must in any fair skinned lovelies bag. Also, it looks beautiful with a simple eye and bold lip. 

MAC SHAPE BLUSH IN TAUPE // If you are looking for definition and a hint of warmth, this product is for you. It's a satin finish brownish taupe with a hint of grey. Its does have a slight shimmer sheen finish to it which can at first be off putting at first but blended upward and into your blush color it makes for a beautiful defined cheekbones.

MAC BLUSH IN HARMONY // Now this one is for the girls wanting to rock some serious warmth. Harmony is a matte rose beige that adds warmth without orange undertones. It's a true to pan color thats also buildable. Its even beautiful once over your cheeks, for a quick warm pick me up. Plus, you can define your crease with it. It's a versatile must in any collection. 

Do you have any contour favorites?

Highlight products coming soon!

Stay Weird,