Now my mother would get a kick out of this post, because this is everything she always told me and I never listened. We all start at the beginning in our makeup journeys we all move forward, gain experience and knowledge. But looking back my beginning was pretty horrendous. So here are 3 things I wish I would of known and done from the beginning. 

GET YOUR FOUNDATION COLOR RIGHT!// The key to a flawless face is a flawless base. I have fair skin and it's a complete bitch to match. Pale girls know the struggle, but this goes for anyone. Take the time to either do your research or go to a pro whether it be MAC counter or Sephora to be matched perfectly. Knowing the right undertone, color and finish for your skin is the first key to looking fan-freaking-tastic. 

EYEBROWS MATTER // Brows shape the face, and make or break a look. I use to not give two shits about my brows, they were there and thats all that mattered right?... WRONG! I use to do these extremely bold shadows and then do nothing to my brows. YIKES! Now I am not saying you have to color them in everyday with a Sharpie(please don't) but they are all kinds of products and services to up your brow game. You can fill them in with shadow, pencil, gel, or even have them professionally tinted. So go fourth and brow on. 

COLOR IS OKAY... DONE RIGHT// Now there is nothing wrong with a lot of color in a look. And I use to not get that. Guess who had rainbow colored eye shadow, blush and then nothing on the lips... this girl! Unless you are going for an extreme look, then I personally recommend really learning how to balance a look. Bold lip with a simple eye, vice versus. Or be the bold bitch you are and rock it. Research it, and play with it. 

Hope this helps! Have you ever realized your makeup no-no's? 

Stay Weird,