A fellow Blogcademy Blogcadette, Tamara(Mad Bijou) is rad, eclectic, chic and a total cat lady(you know the type). She marches to the beat of her own drum all while sharing her guides to city living, and fashion because being a broke stylish bitch is more than relatable(city living ain't cheap). She runs her own etsy shop where she makes badass jewelry that j'adore. When I decided to revamp my questions I knew she was a girl I wanted to talk to. 

1. What’s your current obsession? !

Bath bombs from Lush.. and raspberries, my go to fruit!

 2. What are the current contents of your makeup bag & any holy grail products?

My Makeup bag has all the basics I wear on a daily basis; Foundation,Blush,Mascara, Blackbuster felt eyeliner and red lipstick. The one thing I could not go a day without would be my Turquatic perfume from M.A.C.

 3. What's your signature beauty look right now?

My signature look will always be the pinup style (bold red lip,big winged eyeliner and lots of highlighter) but recently, I am into changing up and playing with other colors. You would be amazed at how something as small as changing your lip color, can change up your whole look.

 4. Are there any makeup techniques you wish to master? 

Fake eyelashes! How does anyone where those comfortably, I always feel like i'm wearing caterpillars. 

 5. Do you have any beauty/fashion icons?

Oh hell yes! Kandee johnson is an amazing makeup artist, who embodies everything I believe in about letting your own personality shine.

 6. What is your definition of beauty? 

My definition of beauty has changed over the years, but it definitely starts from within (wow… cheese much?)

 7. Do you have any bonus tips you would like to pass-on or share? It can be related to anything, whether it's beauty, fashion, business, personal, well-being, etc.

Be nice, Be genuine, and never pass up an opportunity to compliment a stranger, you never know if someone is having a rough day and could use a nice word.  

Chocolate or Vanilla // Chocolate
offee or Tea // Coffee
Red Lip or Smokey Eye // Red Lip 
No liner or Wings for days!! // Wings

Huge thank you to Tamara for participating in this months interview, you can follow her on instagram @madbijou


Entertainment and luxury lifestyle blogger, Kori(thechicagolite) knows how to get the inside scoop on anything. With her blog The ChicagoLite, she takes her readers into some of the most exclusive Chicago events all while looking fabulous. Being super down to earth and approachable, I couldn't pass up the chance to see what products grace that gorgeous face. 

Whats your current obsession? 

My current obsession as of late has been reading Jezebel and Gawker every night before I go to bed. It allows me to catch up on the news plus they always have some obscure story that is always fun to tell people about. I take pride in knowing tons of random facts so I’m always studying and researching the most obscure topics ever.  I think that’s why I like blogging so much. I love to always learn something new everyday.

What are the current contents of your makeup bag?

My makeup bag is very bare since I’m not a huge makeup junkie. When I venture out the only makeup products I keep on me are lip-gloss and lash glue to make sure my lashes stay on throughout the day. I can’t imagine a day without my lashes lol

Are any of your holy grail products that can always be found in your bag? If so, what are they and what makes them so essential?

Always expect some type of gloss or lip balm especially in the winter since lips can get extra dry during this time. I love the Leah Chavie Lip treatment. I used it right before I apply my lipstick and it hydrates my lips. She’s a local Chicago business so support her!  I’m a MAC girl so I like my MAC finishing powder for touch-ups. L’Oreal’s photo-ready has also been a go to item and I use that foundation in addition to MAC Studio Tech when I need to be camera ready.  

How would you describe your makeup style?

My make-up style is very minimal with a touch of glam with my lashes. Neutral toned smoky eyes and a nude lip is my go-to look. I don’t know a whole lot of techniques so I pretty much stick to a few looks. I wish I had a makeup artist because if that were the case, I would be doing a whole lot more lol

Do you feel your makeup style correlates with your fashion sense?

My personal style is quite eclectic and it varies from day to day. Sometimes I’m preppy, sometimes I’m edgy but my makeup doesn’t really reflect much of that. 

Are there any makeup techniques you wish to master?

I wish I knew how to contour, but I’m afraid I’ll look like a drag queen so I think I’ll just leave that alone lol

Why do you like your current beauty regime and what does it entail?

My routine is very simple. I let my Songza play a random playlist and I have it timed for where it will only take me about 30 minutes to put on makeup.  I start with the eyes. I like to do what I call a subtle smoky. I really like browns and natural tones.  With my eye shadow, I’ll purposely buy the broken palettes on clearance because it lasts longer and the pigment is more intense. It really makes the shadow stick throughout the day.  Before the foundation I apply a unique little trick that I learned from my Mom. For our “primer” we use non-scented deodorant. I was skeptical at first but it really does make your makeup last longer. I literally just put deodorant all over my face and then I apply my foundation.  Seriously, don’t knock it until you try it.  The only problem is you have to move fast so the deodorant doesn’t dry up on your face. Then to top off my natural look I always add lashes! ;-)

Are you looking to add anything or do you feel like something is currently missing from your beauty regime?

I really need to start drinking more water, and I need more of a routine to moisturize my face. I wanted to start experimenting with exfoliates as well as different masks. When I got a facial at MUD recently they gave me a good blueprint that I should start abiding by. Get a facial twice a month, exfoliate twice a week, and wear a mask every other week.  I may have that wrong but that’s what I remembered 

What does beauty mean to you?

I think a large part of beauty for me is confidence. I think people really underestimate the power of celebrating yourself. It sounds cliché but when you truly believe in yourself and know yourself, anything is possible. The first person to convince that you are beautiful is yourself.  One thing I tell myself as a little pep talk, is that Beyonce and Oprah are no better than me. We are all given the same time in a day, so there is no need to compare their lives to my own.   I don’t see myself as being less than anyone and it’s all about celebrating what makes you you. Celebrating our own unique traits by exuding confidence is what makes someone beautiful. 

Do you have any bonus tips you would like to pass-on or share?

I guess this can relate to pretty much any field, but never be afraid to go for it and take risks.  Sometimes you will never know the outcome of something if you never even try. So many people are afraid of failing or hearing the word no, and that mindset is so limiting of our abilities. I’ve always believed in making the impossible possible, so I don’t let the word no or any road blockers stop me from achieving what I set out to do. 

Much love and appreciation to the lovely Kori Coleman for her participation. I can't be the only one that wants to try the deodorant trick? You can get the regular inside scoop over on her instagram @thechicagolite 

First photo credit // Jennifer Claire Photography 
Second // Kori, herself 

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Bringing a whole new meaning to the word hustle, Vickee (Press Vee) knows how to get shit done. She is a power house, who doesn't let a busy schedule stand in her way (more coffee). Vickee always looks fierce, sophisticated and ready for anything, plus her wings are ALWAYS on point (eyeliner)! I was overjoyed when she agreed to the interview, I wanted in on that flawless face & her inspirations. 

Whats your current obsession? 

I seem to always be a little obsessed with something or someone in fashion. Currently I am in love with Fashion Blogger Kristina Bazan of "Kayture." She is so successful at such a young age. I have been following her every move on IG and Twitter and take a lot of inspiration from her blog posts. Where she is in the fashion industry right now as a blogger and the opportunities she is able to provide for herself is definitely a goal of mines and is truly inspirational. Aside from Kristina, my FAVORITE beauty obsession right now is a matte lipgloss from Sephora called, "Fig Luster." It's this mauvey-pink color that's so effortless and so natural. Love it! 

What are the current contents of your makeup bag?

 My makeup bag currently is a mess. I just got back from a trip to New York so everything is just sort of thrown in there. Some main things that are in there are foundation of course, I've been using the Revlon 24Hrs Colorstay foundation, my Anastasia Brow Wiz as well as the dipbrow pomade, Milani Bronzer, Kat Von D Ink tattoo liquid liner, a beauty blender, Maybelline FIT me concealer, Benefit What's Up highlighter, & my Anastasia Contour Kit, (although it doesn't actually fit in my makeup bag, I always carry it:))

Are any of your holy grail products that can always be found in your bag? If so, what are they and what makes them so essential?

I don't know if I have a holy grail, "must always have' product yet, but I do absolutely love my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. It is honestly THEE BEST liquid liner ever. I've tried a lot of liners and this one has not failed me yet! And I would also say a red lipstick is essential, just in case I end up going somewhere after work and want to look a little more glam. 

How would you describe your makeup style? 

To be honest, I don't love makeup as much as I love fashion. I love trying new products, and I am a product junkie, but my every day makeup look is very natural and minimal. I used to be all about the dark shadow and smokey eye with bold lips every day, but as I'm getting older, I'm just realizing I look better with less makeup on. 

Do you feel your makeup style correlates with your fashion sense?

How I do my makeup totally compliments my sense of style. I am a very minimal type of person when it comes to Fashion. I'm usually in all black, although I am trying to step away from that and add more color to my wardrobe. But even with color I am very simple and classic. I like to be very chic and trendy and not over the top. My makeup is always very soft and the way I dress is very girly and soft as well. 

Are there any makeup techniques you wish to master?

I would love to master contouring and....oh yeah, I really need to learn how to put lashes on :P lol

Why do you like your current beauty regime and what does it entail?

I like my beauty routine right now because it's very simple. I apply foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush and contour my face with the Anastasia Contour Kit. I love contouring, so that's always a must, and my eyebrows need to be PERFECT. I probably spend the most time on my brows. I've been loving the Anastasia Dip brow. Other than that, mascara and a soft neutral lip color is all I do. I just like to look very fresh and have this effortless glow. I'll add my Benefit What's Up highlighter on my cheekbones, on my nose, my cupids bow and my brow bone to finish my face. 

Are you looking to add anything or do you feel like something is currently missing from your beauty regime?  Humm...of course I want to find things to add to my beauty routine that'll make me look flawless :) But the most important thing to me right now, in the winter, is finding a very nourishing moisturizer and primer and foundation. I tend to get a little dry during this season so sometimes my makeup can look cakey even though I don't use a lot. I am also waiting to fall in love with a highlighter. I just love that "dewy, glistening, summertime" look. 

What does beauty mean to you? 

I've lived by this quote ever since I saw it on Instagram, "Another woman's beauty does not diminish your own." Loving yourself is the number one step to being a beautiful person. I am still learning every single day about what it means to be truly beautiful, as I think every other young woman is. I think as I'm getting older, my views on beauty and what I perceive to be as "beautiful" has completely changed from when I was, say in High School. Being "beautiful" to me is being kind to others, being gentle, loving and having a positive influence on those around you. I know the whole "being beautiful on the inside," sounds pretty cliche but it's true. It took me a while to feel beautiful about myself because I was so obsessed with this image society puts in our minds about what it means to be pretty, and always comparing myself to that image was a huge burden. When you're happy in life and you know that you're being the best YOU you can be, you'll understand what being beautiful really means. Of course there's also going to be something you don't like about yourself, but the goal is to focus on what you do love and enhance those attributes, shine light on them and embrace your skin. Easier said than done of course, I'm continuously working on that, but the point is that I am taking the time to learn about myself and love myself more every day :)

Do you have any bonus tips you would like to pass-on or share? 

The only tip I have for any and every one reading this is to simply love yourself, follow our dreams, stay STRONG & stay hungry but humble! Good things happen to good people and whatever you decide to do with your life, it's YOUR life, no one can make you feel bad about living it your way! 

Huge thank you again to Miss Vickee Yang for her participation. You can find her over on instagram @veryvickee All pictures were provided by Vickee. 

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My recent obsession has been some good old band tees, and finding a good site to buy them from. Nothing sexier than an easy band tee, of a band you actually fucking listen to, with a pair of jeans, or leather pants, some wedges & maybe a blazer. Pop some lipstick on with a smoky eye and call it a night out. But don't you worry if graphic tees aren't your thing, Blackheart has all kinds of cute alternative clothes & accessories that are reasonably priced. Check this shit out! 


Fashionable, trendy and kicks it to her own beat. Miss Duffy Dossier (Alex Duffy) is a Chicago friend, partner in crime and inspiration to all. Owner and curator of Social Media & Co,  she's doing what she loves & teaching the power of social media while looking effortlessly chic along the way. I jumped at the chance to pick her brain and find out more about her beauty regime because we all know I have a slight beauty addiction. 

 What’s your current obsession?

I'm passionate about growth in my business right now. I think it's because I know I'm learning, and I'm really happy about that. Also - I'd really like to make those millions soon ;-) Other obessions: Criminal Minds.

What are the current contents of your makeup bag? 

Carmindy Beauty primer, Hourglass Immaculate foundation in Natural, Benefit Bo-ing #01 cover up, NARS lipstick in a deep red & purple, NARS eye liner in Via Veneto, MAC eye shadows in embark and naked lunch

Are any of your holy grail products that can always be found in your bag? If so, what are they and what makes them so essential?

Cover up! Because (when I'm not breaking out at this capacity), I'm usually a gal who has a blemish or red spot to be covering up.

How would you describe your makeup style? 

Basic, yet confused - yet yearns to learn.

Do you feel your makeup style correlates with your fashion sense?

No, but I'd like it to. I always feel like it's 90% on it's way (when I actually try my best to do it right)

Are there any makeup techniques you wish to master?

I'd like to perfect my brow shaping, also some contouring lessons wouldn't hurt.

Why do you like your current beauty regime and what does it entail? Just give a short overview of products and techniques you use.

Face wash in the morning with foam cleanser, MAD skincare (acne edition) in the evening. Both with my hand scrubby.  (Found the charger to my clarisonic!! so I'll start using that in the evening). If I have nothing to do that day, I won't put any make up on.

 Are you looking to add anything or do you feel like something is currently missing from your beauty regime? 

I feel like I need a solid routine.

 What does beauty mean to you? Define it in your own terms from your own unique perspective. The key is to be as specific as you can.

Beauty means happiness, satisfaction with yourself and a reflection of how you feel on the inside as it expresses itself on the outside.

Do you have any bonus tips you would like to pass-on or share? It can be related to anything, whether it's beauty, fashion, business, personal, well-being, etc.

Be Yo-Self (it's hard sometimes!!)... I'm almost telling myself that, as a tip, more than anything - loll

Lastly, I wanted to give a big ass thank you to Alex for participating. You can find this mega-babe on instagram @duffydossier

Stay Weird 

P.S All images were taken & provided by Alex Duffy


I use to a big incenses person when I was in high school and as of last week, thanks to Tamara of Madbijou I have rekindled my love. Other than my place smelling like a complete hippie shop from the hallway, I am loving it. I burn one or two a day. They are cheaper than candles and have a lingering smell that I can't get enough of (candles never do). I am thinking of exploring some more scents, but for now its all Satya Patchouli Forest (rich, warm & slightly sweet) in this place. 

Extra tips // If you don't have an incense burner you can stick them in candle wax & keep fans running! 

Can you recommend any other scents?


I use to have to carry my life around with me everywhere (large totes all day), but since finally realizing I don't need so much shit to get through the day. I thought I would show you what little amount  I take with me to work. 

What do you take to work? 


Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Retsina($24) is a beautiful natural pink that could be worn by every skin tone. Speaking on the behalf of my pale pixies, you can totally rock this without looking washed out.  Packed with anti aging antioxidants (equal to five glasses of wine) this super hydrating, pigmented and non drying lipstick is the shit. The longevity is a few hours (maybe three) even after consumption of copious amounts of tea, which is surprising since it feels just like a balm. If you are looking to give your lips a treatment while rocking something nude or wild, BITE might be the way to go. 

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